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Duncs Tours 2014 RNLI

  1. The primary objective is to raise money in aid of the RNLI to help save lives at sea.
  2. This motive is coupled with the personal desire to link my efforts and results to the abiding and loving memory of my late mother: Jean Dorothy Elliott ( 08/12/1919 -26/12/2008)
  3. She and my father spent 25 years of their retirement as ardent supporters of the RNLI by way of local volunteer efforts in Cornwall.
  4. This support for the RNLI stemmed from their sailing some 12,000mls on their trimaran “Tersancta”.
  5. Tersancta is a Hedley Nicol Cavalier built originally by the Rev. Clementina Gordon and totally refitted to exacting standards by my father Ronald Elliott from 1977 – 1984 at Landshipping and Pembroke Dock.
  6. Now during my own retirement I can give time and effort on behalf of the RNLI.
  7. My wish is to complete a round Britain coastal tour offering illustrated talks to RNLI support branches.
  8. This first tour (2014) will visit 38 mainland and 12 island venues. I intend to travel round on my 70th birthday present to myself.  A motor cycle/sidecar combination   ( Kawasaki GTR fitted to a Watsonian GP 700 DL).  I will be reliving in part my student days when I last owned an outfit which was a  Triton fitted to a Steib S 501
  9. This tour will offer the opportunity of meeting so many like minded volunteers and RNLI staff which in turn may well form the subject for possible future tours. I intend to capture  as much still and camcorder footage as possible to illustrate not only the tour itself but also the work of the RNLI.
  10. This anticlockwise coastal tour of approximately 3000 miles   plus  12  ferry trips will  take  from 29th May to September 21st 2014 to complete.
  11. Accommodation may  well  be provided by RNLI volunteers/ Lifeboat Stations plus emergency camping  and or B & B.
  12. I will be actively seeking sponsorship to help defray the cost of fuel and ferries.
  13. I will be marketing the tour to obtain maximum publicity for RNLI via local press, television, radio and social media.
  14. Monies raised will be channelled direct to RNLI via Branch treasurers.
  15. Spin off activities.

Invitations will be sent during the summer of 2013 to national and local motorcycle clubs plus some well known celebrity “bikers” to join me on a number of “Rideouts” between venues.

Future events:

2016   Round Ireland .  A coastal tour again on the outfit. ( Duncs Tours 2)

2018   An Inland Waterways tour travelling by narrowboat.  ( Duncs Tours 3)

2020  A second tour of Britain targeting major cities.    Again on the oufit. ( Duncs Tours 4)


D.H.Elliott  14/10/12

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